Closing our factory in 2015 gave us the opportunity to explore ethical factories in other countries, but keeping some operations in Vancouver for quick turnaround and small orders remained important. 

Vancouver is known for its activewear culture and finding a factory that worked with the more delicate ethical fabrics we use posed a challenge. We were introduced to Bishop’s in East Vancouver – a family owned factory that employs over 40 staff members, largely highly skilled women from China. 

The factory itself has a long history in Vancouver and has been operating since 1949. Bought by Bishop in 1997, they specialize in waterproof outerwear, performance knits, and are excellent at working with the ethical fabrics that we use for many of our jackets and pants. 

For Nicole, finding a factory with a good vibe and happy staff was paramount. Bishop’s was clean and organized, with high ceilings and happy employees – the vibe was right. What was a challenging chapter for the company became an opportunity for us to continue to support local manufacturing.

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