Process-Belief Pant

Doing what is right for the EARTH, PEOPLE and SPIRIT. These are the values that lay the foundation of Nicole Bridger Design. Read below on how we apply these values in our supply chain.

Garment: Belief Pant
Established: Spring 2016
Intention: To bridge the gap between your work and weekend wardrobe. Our belief pants are designed to add comfort, ease and versatility to your wardrobe any day of the week.

From crop to finished fabric the choices we make are intended to minimize our environmental footprint while creating garments that last.

Tencel and Modal come from selectively harvested trees. Tencel is derived from wood cellulose and modal comes from sustainably harvested from beech trees.

Once the cellulose is derived from the wood, the pulp then undergoes a man made process where it is made into a fibre and spun into a yarn. Water consumption during this process is up to twenty times lower then with cotton.

After the yarn has been produced it is sent to an Eco-Mill in China where it is made into fabric before it is cut and sewn into a finished garment. Nicole partnered with an eco textile mill in China to custom develop this fabric. The mill has been been granted with a blue-sign certification. Blue sign certification is put into place to closely monitor water and waste usage and eliminate harmful substances from the manufacturing process by using azo-free and low impact dyes.

The result? A blend of 60% Modal, 37% Tencel and 3% Spandex. This fabric combines the strength and durability of a synthetic fibre with the comfort, ease and environmental properties of a natural fibre. Read more about why we love this CORE fabric here.

We partner with a Vancouver factory for the production of our Belief Pants. Developing a homegrown partnership just ten minutes away from our office enables us to work closely and develop relationships with the staff and oversee garment production. Read more about our Vancouver partner here.

This pant is all about feeling good. Comfort feels good. Confidence feels good. When you feel good you raise your vibration. Finished with a sewn in I AM LOVE label to serve as a reminder that you are beautiful just as you are.

Less is really more. It's time to build a better wardrobe.

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