All of our cashmere is crafted at Everest Pashmina in sub-remote Kathmandu, Nepal. The factory specializes in knits, weaves, prints and hosier upheld to the highest ethical standards. 

Faced with the challenge of trying to find a factory that does high quality, ethical cashmere in small batches for our cozy sweaters, we found Everest Pashmina and appreciated their commitment to local herders, training women and environmental consciousness. 

The facility is focused on having a low impact on the environment and takes measures to treat all their water biologically, use bio-briquettes to heat their boilers and are heavily investing in solar energy for heat. They also hire 90 percent of their staff from the surrounding local area, and are committed to giving economic opportunities to women.

Most of their employees begin at Everest Pashmina with zero skills and are trained on the job to become masters in knitwear. They also support their employees by paying for their children’s education.

We have worked with Everest Pashmina for six years, except for 2015 when Nepal was hit with a major earthquake. Like most of Kathmandu, the factory was devastated and it took about a year to rebuild. We did not produce knitwear that year and were happy to work with Everest Pashmina again once they were fully operational.

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