Elle Canada

Elle Canada | Nicole Bridger


On her Over Oceans painting:

“My landscapes are about colour and feeling and expansive space. This painting is about a once seemingly impossible expanse to traverse (The Ocean) and how we move through massive shifts and overcome difficulty in this lifetime.”

On how she transformed Over Oceans into five rug designs for Burritt Bros. Carpets:

“People are drawn to this piece because it is easy to understand how to crop into sections of an abstract work and make the compositions work in other mediums. I worked with the rug designer Ainsley Jones, to come up with five designs.

“Fabric and rugs have to be seen from various angles, which makes Over Oceans the perfect departure point. Also, this piece makes people think of freedom. Everyone is in pursuit of freedom right now, so it makes sense that there is an attraction there.”

On how she selects her colours:

“I love all colour—I choose colour intuitively. Right now, I am loving chartreuse and emerald green.”