Receiving vs Resisting


 In life, we can either be in a place of receiving or resisting. 

We are constantly asking for things from Universe and Universe is constantly providing. The choice that we have is if we will resist or receive it. In order to receive, we must practice being in a place of allowing. And it’s just our limited beliefs that keep us from allowing. 

 For a long time, I have carried an unconscious belief that ‘it’s all up to me’ or ‘I have to do it on my own’ or ‘if I achieve this then I’m worthy’ or ‘I can’t be a burden’. These beliefs had me navigating a certain path that became very burdensome for myself. And it was those beliefs that kept me in a place of pushing away what I was meant to be receiving.


 This last week was a big one for me as I closed my store. It was a very busy week and though I feel relief in the change, it left me emotionally and physically exhausted. So, I escaped the city with my son, my sister and her daughters to Saltspring Island. I’ve had some time to sit and reflect. This last week was very different for me because in my own healing journey I have shifted those beliefs and I am now in a place of allowing. Allowing others to show up for me without feeling any guilt, allowing more joy and ease into my life, allowing myself to let go of things so what I truly want can show up. It was shifting those beliefs that gave myself permission to close the store in the first place. I can feel myself shifting into a place of receiving and I am excited to see what else I have been asking for that starts to show up as I keep allowing. xo NB


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