Friday morning my son said “I really want to go to Whistler, I just really want to play in the snow!”

“Well honey, we can, but you have hockey so we can only go for one night, I’m not sure I want to drive all that way for just one night….”

But nothing makes me happier than to make him happy so I packed up the car, picked him up from school and headed straight up.

Usually when we go up to our family cabin there are other people with us. My folks, my sister’s family or we bring friends. This time it was just the two of us and what a special gift that was. He couldn’t run off with his cousins to play outside. I wasn’t distracted in conversation with friends. It was just us. As soon as we arrived, he built a fire while I played my ukulele. We were invited to dinner by neighbours and I wanted to decline because I am in the midst of restructuring in my business and don’t like to talk about it while it feels stressful. But he nudged me to go anyway and we did and had a wonderful time. I even shared what I was going through, I can never lie and I also cannot have surface conversation, and it was nice to share. 

The next morning, I made breakfast and we got outside as soon as possible with our shovels. I built a jump down the steps of the back deck to the back yard. And every time he rode his GT racer off the jump I would make small adjustments to improve it. Then we moved to front yard for an epic snowball fight. We had lunch together and watched his favourite funny shows. He loves it when we laugh together, and I love it too. Then more sledding in the snow before driving home for hockey the next morning. 

It was so special to play. And sure I was shoveling the walkway in between jumps or loading the wood pile after making a pile of snowballs, just so I was also being productive. But he got me to play. I truly feel that one of the reasons children are such a gift is to remind us to play. We get so serious, we can make life into such a serious thing when really we should lighten up a bit. Get down on the floor and build lego, laugh, get messy. Whether children are present or not. But he was surely my teacher in more ways than one that weekend. xo Nic.

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