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Reusable gift wrapping bags. 

It was my sister’s great idea to make reusable cloth wrapping bags years ago. Cut fun printed fabric into different sized rectangles. Fold in the center so that you only need to sew two sides and hem the mouth of the bag. Attach some ribbon or cording to tie to top closed. And voila! We bring out our cloth bags every year and we use the non-holiday prints for birthday gifts.


Make your gifts. 

My friend Sami is the queen of this and I always look forward to what she is making this year. I have received homemade bath salt with lavender and rose petals. I’m still using the coffee and sugar body scrub. There are great DIY youtube vids on making your own mason jar candles. Last year I baked cookies and put them into mason jars with pretty string. Cookie swap parties are also a great idea. I can’t tell you what I’m to this year cuz it will ruin the surprise but I love this approach to gifting. You spend more time home doing something that warms your heart, filling your home with baking smells and spending time with friends or your kids. 


Make ornaments.

I love crafting and one of my favourite Christmas memories is sitting at the kitchen table making clothes peg reindeer that my mom still puts on her tree! And youtube is a great place to find ideas. Popsicle sticks, glue, sparkles and paint can make all kids of ornaments. Stars, snowflakes, string balls and popsicle stick reindeer. Depending on the age and ability of everyone crafting you can increase the difficulty of the craft.


Cookie decorating party.

This year I am borrowing my friend Pat and Leroy’s great tradition of a cookie decorating party. Firstly, they have the best ever gingerbread cookie recipe, but I have been sworn to secrecy, sorry. They make a whole lot of gingerbread cookies ahead of time, then invite friends over to decorate cookies. Different coloured icing and sprinkles set out on the table and everyone leaves with a plate of decorated cookies. They make a big batch of chili and after a few hot spiced rums I might try to get a few sing along carols going.


Gift Exchange.

I’m a big believer in making the holidays less stressful by shopping less. So I really appreciate that my family does a draw for all the adults which means you buy one gift and you receive one gift and we set a price limit that works for everyone. Otherwise we spend the holidays racing around shopping, spending money we don’t have and getting stressed which is NOT what the holidays are about. Make Presence your Presents to one another.


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