New Years

Happy New Year! I have just been out for an early evening snowshoe timed perfectly to see the Alpen glow. I went on my own to allow myself to have a sense of what to write to you beautiful people this New Year’s Eve. I haven’t done any personal posting on social media this holiday season. Unintentionally, I just haven’t felt like it. I guess I have just been wanting to be present in the moment, each moment.

New Years is a time where we often look back in judgement and look forward in hope. Both very normal but both keeping us from just being here in the moment that is. Which is actually all that we have. This moment, now this one and here comes another. We can only either be allowing or resisting this moment. Our fears of repeating the same mistakes and our hopes for a different future keep us resisting what is. This moment only carries the meaning that we place on it. And we get to choose the meaning we place on everything. This Christmas I sent my son to spend a few days with his Dad’s family. They don’t get to see him often and they would all be together. And I have the flexibility of celebrating Christmas any day. So, I was without my son for Christmas who I normally have full time and there was a part of me that wanted to feel sad and lonely. But instead I chose to see those days as a huge gift. I rarely get time to myself and so I indulged in daily mediations, yoga, walks, Netflix and had the best few days I’ve had in a long time. Now as we begin a new year it is up to you to choose the meaning you put behind the moment you are experiencing. Going through the recent changes to my business I could look at it as though I failed or that I am finally following my inner guidance. Or even better is to place no meaning at all and to just be. To simply do what feels right, what feels good, what you feel you’re being called to in each and every moment. Nothing to resist or allow, it’s just what is, which is the ultimate flow.

Right now, you have the choice to resist or allow what is and I promise that the more you allow, the more ease, joy and flow that you will experience. And flow seems to be what so many people are looking for these days. So I am wishing you delicious flow this year and I for one am so excited to feel the flow this 2018. So much Love to all you special people. xo Nic 


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