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We have already announced the exciting launch of our CORE closet collection. And now (as you may have guessed) we are announcing the closing of our beautiful Gastown boutique.

We have absolutely loved this store, but as we innovate the business model we no longer require a permanent boutique. Not to worry! We will still be holding regular pop ups in a city near you. And if it’s not near you or just not soon enough you can always order your coveted NB pieces on our online store.

Nicole has been evolving a changing with a clear intention of manifesting Joy and Ease for the entire team. As the business grows, we see more people shopping online, and the success of our pop ups stores, we realize that we will be able to reach a larger aligned audience of ethical shoppers through online channels and different locations allowing us to spread our message more effectively.

Nicole is dedicated to spreading the message of I AM LOVE and is finding a new platform for her voice. In addition to focusing on an online business model, she is writing a book, doing more speaking events and beginning to coach individuals and groups on their own journey inward.

We are really excited for this evolution and for what’s ahead for all of us. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the love and support from all of you. So thank you! And stay tuned for all that we have coming up next because we are really excited to share it with you.


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