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Hello beautiful people, Nic here.
I am going to be writing weekly blogs for all of you. Sharing thoughts, experiences, product transparency, business journey and personal reflections. 
We have recently announced the launch of our Core Closet Collection followed by an announcement of closing our gorgeous Gastown store. Now with the lean product offering we no longer necessitate an entire store. I spoke more about my own journey to create more Joy and Ease in my life and how that evolved into these big changes in this blog post.
All change begins with conversation. The store was not just a place that sold clothes but it provided space for connected conversations between aligned people. I know that these conversations will continue wherever we are. We will continue with an online model, various popups locations and I will be doing more speaking too. 
Community and human connection is what the world needs.
For us all to see that we are more alike than we are different.
For us to allow one another our individual experience of life.
I am so proud of the community that we have created with NB and I am honoured to continue to share the path with all of you. I can't tell you how many incredible vulnerable conversations have occurred in our store. And I am grateful that our followers trust us and feel the Love in that capacity. 
This last week I have been feeling so many emotions about the store closing. I am so excited for the new phase and really feel it's the right path for us. But I am present to the sadness of closing a beloved space. Coupled with the fear of the unknown while being careful not to listen to the voice that feels I've failed. This is the journey of life. Allowing ourselves to move toward our truth and walk that path with the quiet presence of our fears and doubts. It's those limited beliefs that kept me pushing when I needed to let go. And I'm excited to exist from place of deep alignment to my inner being.
We want to celebrate the space and also celebrate the journey. Flow gracefully into the next phase with all of you. So we are having a party next week, Sept 27th, 5pm onward at our store 14 Water St. And I hope that you come by for a quick sip or a long dance. 
So much love from a tender heart, Nic.



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