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  • New Years

    Happy New Year! I have just been out for an early evening snowshoe timed perfectly to see the Alpen glow. I went on my own to allow myself to have a sense of what to write to you beautiful people this New Year’s Eve. I haven’t done any personal posting on social media this holiday season. Unintentionally, I just haven’t felt like it. I guess I have just been wanting to be present in the moment, each moment.

    New Years is a time where we often look back in judgement and look forward in hope. Both very normal but both keeping us from just being here in the moment that is. Which is actually all that we have. This moment, now this one and here comes another. We can only either be allowing or resisting this moment. Our fears of repeating the same mistakes and our hopes for a different future keep us resisting what is. This moment only carries the meaning that we place on it. And we get to choose the meaning we place on everything. This Christmas I sent my son to spend a few days with his Dad’s family. They don’t get to see him often and they would all be together. And I have the flexibility of celebrating Christmas any day. So, I was without my son for Christmas who I normally have full time and there was a part of me that wanted to feel sad and lonely. But instead I chose to see those days as a huge gift. I rarely get time to myself and so I indulged in daily mediations, yoga, walks, Netflix and had the best few days I’ve had in a long time. Now as we begin a new year it is up to you to choose the meaning you put behind the moment you are experiencing. Going through the recent changes to my business I could look at it as though I failed or that I am finally following my inner guidance. Or even better is to place no meaning at all and to just be. To simply do what feels right, what feels good, what you feel you’re being called to in each and every moment. Nothing to resist or allow, it’s just what is, which is the ultimate flow.

    Right now, you have the choice to resist or allow what is and I promise that the more you allow, the more ease, joy and flow that you will experience. And flow seems to be what so many people are looking for these days. So I am wishing you delicious flow this year and I for one am so excited to feel the flow this 2018. So much Love to all you special people. xo Nic 


    Posted: Jan 01 2018
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  • The Hardship of the Holidays

    The Holidays can be tough. A lot of the things we try to avoid thinking about can surface at this time. We can be met face to face with painful relationships or feel the heaviness of the absence of good ones we once had or wish we could have. It’s often a time to take stock of where we are in life in relation to where we think we should be. 

    I get it and I have good practice of quietly dreading the holidays. I dread the loneliness of Christmas eve, wrapping and setting up the tree all by myself. If I’m tight in my jeans, I dread the judgement of my Grandmother. I dread the pity I receive for yet another year of not having a partner. I dread the anticipation of maybe having to tell my son that his dad isn’t well enough to see him. 

    These feelings are real and worthy of acknowledging. I also know that it’s all about perspective and luckily perspective is something that with a little work can be shifted. In amidst the challenging moments there is still so much to be grateful for. Noticing these things helps to shift our perspective. I also make sure that we are doing a lot of activities that make us happy. The more time you spend doing things that bring you Joy, the more Joy you will feel.

    If you are having a hard time feeling gratitude this holiday season you may try these two simple tools to help you shift. 

    Set Your Vibration.

    As soon as you wake in the morning, intentionally set your first thoughts to that of appreciation. You can appreciate your cozy bed, the beautiful sky, your hot coffee. 

    Book of Positive Aspects.

    At the end of the day write in your journal 3 things you appreciate. Could be that you appreciate the kindness shown by another, you appreciate your own resiliency, you appreciate a challenging situation that helped you to see something differently…


    Posted: Dec 13 2017
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  • Nic's Christmas Tips


    Reusable gift wrapping bags. 

    It was my sister’s great idea to make reusable cloth wrapping bags years ago. Cut fun printed fabric into different sized rectangles. Fold in the center so that you only need to sew two sides and hem the mouth of the bag. Attach some ribbon or cording to tie to top closed. And voila! We bring out our cloth bags every year and we use the non-holiday prints for birthday gifts.


    Make your gifts. 

    My friend Sami is the queen of this and I always look forward to what she is making this year. I have received homemade bath salt with lavender and rose petals. I’m still using the coffee and sugar body scrub. There are great DIY youtube vids on making your own mason jar candles. Last year I baked cookies and put them into mason jars with pretty string. Cookie swap parties are also a great idea. I can’t tell you what I’m to this year cuz it will ruin the surprise but I love this approach to gifting. You spend more time home doing something that warms your heart, filling your home with baking smells and spending time with friends or your kids. 


    Make ornaments.

    I love crafting and one of my favourite Christmas memories is sitting at the kitchen table making clothes peg reindeer that my mom still puts on her tree! And youtube is a great place to find ideas. Popsicle sticks, glue, sparkles and paint can make all kids of ornaments. Stars, snowflakes, string balls and popsicle stick reindeer. Depending on the age and ability of everyone crafting you can increase the difficulty of the craft.


    Cookie decorating party.

    This year I am borrowing my friend Pat and Leroy’s great tradition of a cookie decorating party. Firstly, they have the best ever gingerbread cookie recipe, but I have been sworn to secrecy, sorry. They make a whole lot of gingerbread cookies ahead of time, then invite friends over to decorate cookies. Different coloured icing and sprinkles set out on the table and everyone leaves with a plate of decorated cookies. They make a big batch of chili and after a few hot spiced rums I might try to get a few sing along carols going.


    Gift Exchange.

    I’m a big believer in making the holidays less stressful by shopping less. So I really appreciate that my family does a draw for all the adults which means you buy one gift and you receive one gift and we set a price limit that works for everyone. Otherwise we spend the holidays racing around shopping, spending money we don’t have and getting stressed which is NOT what the holidays are about. Make Presence your Presents to one another.


    Posted: Dec 06 2017
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  • Play

    Friday morning my son said “I really want to go to Whistler, I just really want to play in the snow!”

    “Well honey, we can, but you have hockey so we can only go for one night, I’m not sure I want to drive all that way for just one night….”

    But nothing makes me happier than to make him happy so I packed up the car, picked him up from school and headed straight up.

    Usually when we go up to our family cabin there are other people with us. My folks, my sister’s family or we bring friends. This time it was just the two of us and what a special gift that was. He couldn’t run off with his cousins to play outside. I wasn’t distracted in conversation with friends. It was just us. As soon as we arrived, he built a fire while I played my ukulele. We were invited to dinner by neighbours and I wanted to decline because I am in the midst of restructuring in my business and don’t like to talk about it while it feels stressful. But he nudged me to go anyway and we did and had a wonderful time. I even shared what I was going through, I can never lie and I also cannot have surface conversation, and it was nice to share. 

    The next morning, I made breakfast and we got outside as soon as possible with our shovels. I built a jump down the steps of the back deck to the back yard. And every time he rode his GT racer off the jump I would make small adjustments to improve it. Then we moved to front yard for an epic snowball fight. We had lunch together and watched his favourite funny shows. He loves it when we laugh together, and I love it too. Then more sledding in the snow before driving home for hockey the next morning. 

    It was so special to play. And sure I was shoveling the walkway in between jumps or loading the wood pile after making a pile of snowballs, just so I was also being productive. But he got me to play. I truly feel that one of the reasons children are such a gift is to remind us to play. We get so serious, we can make life into such a serious thing when really we should lighten up a bit. Get down on the floor and build lego, laugh, get messy. Whether children are present or not. But he was surely my teacher in more ways than one that weekend. xo Nic.

    Posted: Nov 29 2017
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  • Top 5 Book Review


    My List of Life Changing Books for those Seeking A Deeper Connection

    I often get asked for book recommendations to aid in the journey inward. So here is my top 5 list for people seeking guidance for inner peace.

    Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss

    This was the first Spiritual book that I ever read when I was 16 and searching for someone to explain what I was feeling that wasn’t matching what was being taught. It’s a kind of guide book to what is happening on a deeper level with our energy, souls, chakras and connection to one another. When I read this book, I said Yes! That’s what I’m feeling.

    A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

    This is Marianne’s reflections of another book, A Course In Miracles which is a very long read. She takes the principles and talks about them in a more relevant way. The basic idea that there is only Love or Fear and that it is our choice in every moment which we come from. And how to come from Love in every aspect of life. 

    When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

    Let’s face it, we journey inward when something isn’t going how we want it to. I came to this book after I left my ex-husband and needed answers and just wanted to feel peace. Pema certainly provides this. She is an American Tibetan Buddhist Nun, she offers a Buddhist perspective to a Western society. 

    Ask and It Is Given by Abraham Hicks

    This is a powerful book about manifesting. The basic idea being that all our divinely guided desires are waiting to be delivered to us and all we need to do is raise our vibration to match it. Esther Hicks channels a collective which call themselves Abraham and shares their message which might be a bit trippy for some but if you’re ready for it this book will really open you up.

    Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

    Louise recommends reading this book once and then doing the exercises the second time around. This is an in depth look at how our mental patterns create our lives and our health. The exercises offer a way to see and heal our mental patterns. Very powerful if you do the work.

    Xo NB

    Posted: Nov 09 2017
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