Do you feel like you know who you are?

I am always learning more. Transition into the new role of parenthood will be a time of self-discovery. This role will both challenge what I ‘know’ about my current self, and solidify what I have always felt.

What does that feel like?

I’m ready for challenge, transformation and adding new identity!

Who are you?

Steady, reasonable, creative, stubborn, driven, problem solver, builder, happy, joyous, anxious at times, forgiving, confident, explorer. 

What has the journey been so far to connecting to your true self?

Smooth, no one has told me who I am in life. I was lucky to grow up in a home that supported self-discovery and did not direct action or decision-making. Adjectives that you learn about yourself early in life seem to stick and are challenging to escape. People hold you to how they remember you.  New traits to add in the journey of motherhood: generosity, acceptance, patience, and unconditional love.  These are all reflections of the gifts of my childhood. 

What kinds of things help you feel more your true self?

Being with people who embrace who I am, feeling calm and settled. My partner Joseph! Walks in the woods, paddling a kayak on a calm ocean, watching nature, slow days and good books, singing with friends, and eating macaroni and cheese with bread crumbs on top.

Does your clothing affect how you connect?

Feeling warm and comfortable definitely affect how I feel and interact with the world.  Sensations of tightness or pinching distract me from the precious moments.  My outward physical presentation has been fun; I am confident in what I choose to wear. My favourite pants in grade five were green and white gingham golf type pants that I recall being teased about but continued to wear with love. I always enjoy adding something quirky and conversational in presentation.

Why you chose this location?

It’s our home, our special place, cozy and safe. 

Any special items with you in the photo?

There are many special items in our home! I value objects that have been crafted by family members and hold history. There is a special vase in the window that my Nana made with her strong hands. She was a potter. There is a cherry slab coffee table that my best friend’s dad just made us out of a tree that was planted in our neighborhood close to the time when my friend Ali and I were born. There is a chair and credenza that my grandparents bought in the 60s or 70s. My Grandpa was a blacksmith and a hobbyist woodworker; he built many loved items around our home.  I’ve built a bench as my home contribution, and I would love to create more!

In the photo I am wearing my Nicole Bridger silk dress…. (is there a better way to describe this dress?). I wore this special dress to Ali’s wedding this summer.  In life and in pregnancy I have depended on comfortable, generous lines and materials, continuing to wear many of the clothing items that I loved pre-pregnancy.  Nicole’s designs fit with my clothing ideals of comfortable, quality, vibrant pieces that stand out, and are easy to combine.

 Photography by Angela Fama.


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