Do you feel like you know who you are?

In a cultural sense I do know who I am and where I am coming from. I am very proud of my Mexican, French and Canadian backgrounds. 

What does that feel like?

It is fun to be visiting different countries and speaking 3 languages.

Who are you?

I am a 15, almost 16 year old girl born and raised in Vancouver Canada. 

What has the journey been so far to connecting to your true self?

My journey for connecting with my true self has been visiting my parents' countries, where they grew up, their houses, their schools and meeting my extended families. I learned the differences and uniqueness in cultures and how the countries look like.

What kinds of things knock you out of alignment to your true self?

When people bring me down because of my different backgrounds and cultures. In my own school I was bullied for being Mexican due to their lack of education. but also abroad people can use stereotype to make fun of my French or Canadian background.

What kinds of things help you feel more your true self?

When I am close to friends and family who understand who I am and who embrace my 3 cultures. Also when I am surrounded by positive people, especially women who are caring.

Does your clothing affect how you connect?

Yes, because, l care where it comes from. After I travelled to Mexico and I saw how kids work hard to create handbags for tourists. Kids should have a childhood, not working and access to an education.


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