Do you feel like you know who you are?

I have always known who I am.

 What does that feel like?

Sense of conviction, I rarely doubt myself because I know my processes were thoroughly analytical to reach that point. I'm very grounded. 

Who are you?

 In the philosophical sense? I'm a fixer.

What has the journey been so far to connecting to your true self?

 A battle of tests and triumphs. A mix of the sword in the stone and "Big Fish"

What kinds of things knock you out of alignment to your true self?

 Deceit. Rampaging ego. Cruelty. Shallowness.

What kinds of things help you feel more your true self?

A cuppa and a chat with my nearest and dearest. Hugs. Plans. Productivity.

Does your clothing affect how you connect?

 Absolutely. Positive Self image is necessary to being in your zone. Looking good is feeling good, and feeling good you don't think about looking good so you can concentrate without self doubt on matters at hand. Those who attempt to damage other people don't feel confident in their own skin and beautiful clothes like yours look and feel good to any woman, reversing the negativity. Some more than others :)

About any special items with you in the photo.

Some of the jewelry was special...My grandma's wedding rings that I never take off, a ring which was a special birthday present from the famous jewellery designer Gerardo Sacco who will be a big surprise guest at a VIP event UN Women is hosting here on May 28th, a locket from my grandparents, diamond heart earrings from my grandparents, and a silk scarf from Switzerland from an exes sister because I had a morning meeting with air Canada and subconsciously dressed like an air hostess :)


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