Loving Myself is Hard - By Samantha Skelly

Posted: Feb 11 2016

We are thrilled to introduce guest blogger and new brand ambassador, Samantha Skelly founder of Hungry for Happiness. A keynote speaker, Samantha specializes in empowering men and women to seek inner peace through health and fitness. 
"Loving myself is hard."
"It’s hard to love myself."
To which I answer. 
“The hardest in the world my dear, is not to love yourself” 
The journey back into the body, the journey back to self love, where we came - from requires an element of strength, courage and bravery. It’s that place that is the home to all of our lack and limitations, it’s this place where we find our suppressed emotion. It’s the home all of our darkness, and all of our light. 
The ‘hard’ or resistance is the knowing that you now have a responsibility to show up for yourself. Show up in a profound way and integrate new stories of empowerment into your subconscious. It means you now have the divine responsibility to ingrate new stories in the same beds that were previously home to your stories of lack and limitation. 
This is where the ‘hard’ comes in. 
It’s the shift, the bridge, the gap. It’s the letting go into the attracting new. It’s the space and container that is susceptible to the doubt, the fear and the ‘what if’ 
This is a vulnerable space that we ruthlessly fight to not be in, this is the space we defend. We refuse to consciously be submerged into the uncertainty. We fear this place, we avoid it like the plague.
The small defense part of us sticks up for the stories we’ve been creating, nursing and growing for the entirety of our lives. We know, at a fundamental level these stories are not conducive to the reality we want to create, therein lies the energetic discrepancy of our intentions. 
Having the courage to be in the ‘shit’, in the dark, in the unknown, will only give us more access to our light, to the divinity of your souls, to the magic of our beings. This simply isn’t accessible by not experiencing all of us. Experience your darkness for that too, is love. 
You are love. 
You are more than love. 
For no other reason than, just because. 
A small infant does not need to prove it’s worth to it’s mother, it’s worthy just because. It’s loveable, just because. What makes you any different? You are a divine child of the universe, worthy of unconditional abundance.
Just because.
Becoming love able is simple a choice, a decision and internal agreement you make with yourself, a soul contract.  
Explore and get curious about your darkness, for it is beautiful and therein lies the light. 


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