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Posted: Feb 05 2016

Welcome to the Love Cure. Every other day leading up to Valentine’s Day I will be posting inspiring ideas of how to invite more Love into your life.

I believe that our true essence, our soul, spirit whichever term you prefer to use… is pure Love. And that the point of this earthly existence is to figure out a way to come from that place of love in all that we do, in all the facets of our lives. Not an easy task when modern life has become filled with so many pressures.

Valentine’s Day is a time to check in on our journey towards living in alignment with our spirit. I see that there are three stages to aligning to a place of Love; Gratitude, Forgiveness and then Love. And not, Love is not reserved for just those in a happy relationship. Love is available to us all if we choose to see it. For many, Valentine’s has lost it’s special meaning so I invite you to find a new way to celebrate it. I only offer suggestions; it is up to you to do what feels right for you. Hope you enjoy!  Xo NB

Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day beautiful soul. Enjoy whatever special things you have planned this month. I hope that the last fifteen days we have had together have helped you see and feel all the love that surrounds you. Keep it up. Continue to be generous to yourself, keep meditating, stay grateful, forgive easily and see through the eyes of compassion. I look forward to sharing this time with you again next year. xo Nicole. 

Feb 13: List. Make a list of all the things that just make your heart light up. Watching a sunrise, dancing with friends, walking in the rain, painting, cooking, travelling...See if you can get to 25, then 50, 100. Notice the things that you already do regularly and the things you rarely do. The more you focus on the things that inspire you, the more they will show up in your life. This is love. It is in the small, simple moments just as much as it is in the big life changing moments. I feel the same magic staring at the stars as I do cuddling my child or kissing a lover. 

Feb 11: Forgive yourself. Often in the journey of life we are so focused on things outside ourselves that the idea of forgiving ourselves comes as an afterthought or even a surprise. It is such an important part of the process. I hold myself so responsible for everything. It is so important that I give myself the same grace that I give others, that I allow myself to be human. So, forgive yourself. For anything that you are holding onto that just isn’t serving you anymore. Let that shit go. You are doing your best and that’s all you can do.


Feb 9: Forgiveness heals. When you forgive someone you aren’t condoning their actions or making yourself vulnerable for more hurt. You are simply releasing them, remembering our humanness and the flaws that come along with that. You can have compassion while still having clear boundaries that are healthy for you. Think of someone that is causing you grief or angst right now. Think of one thing about them that you are grateful for. See them through eyes of compassion. Forgive them. Whether it’s in your journal, a letter or in person. Release them and yourself so you can move forward and not stay stuck in that moment of time.


Feb 7: Cards. Send gratitude cards, at least 1 and no limit as long as they stay authentic and from the heart. Think of someone in your life you are really grateful for and why. Here’s a chance to take a moment and let them know. Life is short. Relationships are precious. And appreciating someone is magic. I prefer to make my cards but you can do whatever feels right for you. I really feel there is something special about mailing it. We are out of habit of this and so it makes it extra special when one receives a card in the mail. One of the best ways to bring more love into your life is to give love.


 Feb 5: Plan something special. We are jumping ahead into the LOVE phase of the Love Cure because you will need to plan ahead a little bit. It doesn’t need to happen on Feb 14th but plan something this month. Listen to what you need right now; a quiet night in with yourself and a book, a dinner party with your favourite people, a night out dancing with the girls, a fun adventure with your kids, a painting class with friends or a romantic getaway with you special person. Hear what your soul needs to be nurtured and give it to yourself. Celebrate life. Celebrate Love.



Feb 3: Decorate. Fill your home with beautiful visual reminders to come from a place of love in your day. I love hearts. Paper Source sells a great paper heart banner or you could easily make one yourself. Copper wire lights always add a bit of sparkle. Buy yourself some flowers, your favourite flowers. You deserve them. And every day this will remind you that love surrounds you if you choose to see it. I like to put a bowl of foil wrapped dark chocolate hearts in the living room. Dark chocolate is healthy, right? You could even take a bowl into the office. This is about being grateful for yourself, your home and all the people that come into it.



Feb 1: Mindfulness. You may already have a meditation practice or maybe you’ve never tried it. I have seen that having a regular practice really helps me move through life with a sense of clarity, purpose and grace that I have a harder time connecting to when I’m not meditating. Start with a commitment that is easy for you to keep and grow from there. There are some great apps if you need some guidance. Try Headspace or Insight Timer. If that feels like too much then try a morning check in. Are you judging yourself? Making a mental check list of the things you wish you did better? Instead, try saying I love myself and I am grateful for… my strong body, my cozy bed, my healthy breakfast. This will help you start to shift your mind frame to one of gratitude.






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    We all need a little more love in our lives! :)

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