Interview with My Modern Closet

Posted: Jan 20 2016

What do you believe will be the catalyst for consumers to start developing a closer relationship with their clothing? 

Its already happening. It’s a natural progression from becoming more thoughtful about our food to then start to think about our clothing. Now after COP21 there will be a global focus on what’s impacting the environment. We are already hearing about a global movement to consume less meat. China has started to implement mandatory environmental protocol for corporations.

Why does Nicole Bridger Design believe so strongly in creating sustainable, ethical, and locally made clothing? 

It’s the right thing to do. We need to be conscious of the impact we are having on the planet or we wont have a planet. It is not ok for someone to suffer so that someone else can have a shirt. More than local, I believe in ethical manufacturing. So wherever its being made that its done in a way that is respectful of the planet and the person making it. It’s the necessary way for all business to be.

With the fast fashion movement making constant headway, how do you educate consumers on the importance of investing in their clothing?

Gently. Its is up to each person to decide how much information they want and what is important to them. Our clients buy our clothes because they like the design, the way it makes them feel, the way it functions for their life. They come back again and again because they feel values aligned to our brand and want to be a part of a community.

What does creating a fashion revolution mean to you and what would it look like in our community? 

Creating a new paradigm for the entire industry. I don’t like the way the industry has banked on people’s insecurities. Instead we should be building people up and helping them to love themselves just as they are. Every company that makes anything should be responsible for what they are putting into the world. We need the infrastructure for a closed loop system that is zero waste. No textiles in our landfill. Total transparency from seed to shirt so that consumers can make educated choices. All people should be treated with respect and have access to basic human needs of shelter, food, water and safety.

If you could tell women one thing, what would it be? 

You’re beautiful, just as you are.  Xo NB


*My Modern Closet is a collaborative online thrift/consignment store with a mission to decrease fast fashion and create longevity in our clothing, while featuring women who are elevating the World in their own way.






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