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Posted: Jan 20 2014

Hola, I’m Nina from, a blog about my personal eco-conscious style, beauty and lifestyle. And now that I’m pregnant, I find myself blogging about my maternity style.

Now when you first think of maternity fashion you probably imagine pieces that are totally not your style, outdated and unflattering, right? RIGHT. And not to mention that you’ll probably never ever wear your maternity clothes AFTER pregnancy, right? Mhmm!

Well ladies, not all hope is lost in the maternity fashion world! As you know, Nicole Bridger designs beautiful timeless collections for “women who want to look effortlessly chic while maintaining a commitment to the Earth and its people.” But did you know that many of her stand-out pieces can be worn not only before pregnancy, but DURING and AFTER pregnancy as well?

Yes, you read that right! A majority of Nicole Bridger’s pieces are maternity friendly. I visited the flagship store in Kitsilano last week and got to try some of the modern, chic pieces from Nicole Bridger’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection and FELL IN LOVE!

Every piece I slipped into was soft to the touch, and reflected my individuality and femininity, which is always enchanting. Nicole Bridger’s timeless pieces flatter the natural curves of a woman’s body, yes, even during pregnancy! I don’t think I’ve ever felt as sexy as I did when I was wearing the Betty Dress. It just hugged my 7 months mama curves perfectly, and I noticed my husband’s jaw drop too! Hehehe. We also loved the elegance of the Tima Dress, which I have not stop thinking about since trying it on. I think it’s perfect to wear for my baby shower in a couple of weeks!

There is no doubt that Nicole Bridger really takes into consideration the natural curves and beauty of a woman’s body while designing her collections. She really knows how to make a woman her feel graceful and elegant during ANY chapter of her life.


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