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Posted: Jan 30 2014

Throughout the month of February we are featuring 8 local designers and brands in our Kitsilano store. Just in time for Valentines Day!


raw, one of a kind and energetically powerful crystal pendants for men and women.  through a sacred ceremony, each crystal is cleansed of past impure energy,  charged with positivity, love and light and activated with intentional Reiki energy. Each high vibrational crystal is as unique and beautiful as those that wear them.  wear your crystal to bring healing energy to your life, balance chakras, to ground and connect with your own aatma and that of the universal consciousness.  to choose the crystal for you, clear your mind and listen to your instincts.  your crystal will call you.

Redfish Kids

From Vancouver, Canada, Redfish Kids Clothing was inspired by the street fashion of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. With strong images and expressive colors, Redfish fabrics are handpicked from around the world and purchased in limited quantities – rarely is the same fabric combination repeated. The prints we choose are reflective of many cultures and of our desire to embrace the new and current while simultaneously harnessing the old and historic in pattern, design and construction. Each Redfish garment is locally made with love and attention to detail. Born out of a need to create clothing with “heart”, Redfish Kids Clothes are symbolic of our commitment to honour the strength and courage of our children and their unlimited potential to shape the future of our world.

Knix Wear

What has your underwear done for you lately? Chances are probably not that much. We want to change that. At Knix Wear, we’re making underwear that outperforms expectations: comfortable as can be, beautiful to behold, and technologically state-of-the-art.Every pair of Knix Wear features our Fresh Fix Technology. A thin yet super absorbent gusset, it wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odor, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long – without the feeling that you’re wearing anything other than your most comfortable pair of undies.Whether it’s a Knix everyday seamless basic, a Knixy lace thong for that special night out, or a FitKnix boyshort to power through a morning run, there’s a pair of Knix Wear that pairs perfectly with any lifestyle. We believe it’s time your underwear did more. That’s why we’re changing it for good.

Jackson Rowe

Jackson Rowe was inspired by my grandparents, Jack and Rose .  Their love story is one of true heart and soul.
He was a jazz musician, she was his muse. The courting began when he would ask her out on dates by sending her a note with song lyrics.
She was his biggest fan, watching his shows night after night. She laughed at his jokes and her heart was stolen by his  stories.
Their bond was unbreakable, they were each others best friends.  Theirs’ was a classic love story for all the ages.
My Grandparents story. My inspiration.


The UBO | Urban Body Organics team creates eco-friendly, all natural body care products in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Each product is designed “for the heart, from the heart” and is infused with love, truth, beauty, balance and harmony.Our creations are inspired by the lifestyles of Nelson, BC to the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Each product is made in small batches with pure essential oils from around the world. Each unique oil blend resonates high energetic levels allowing the user to benefit from its healing properties. We guarantee to never use parabens or any other harmful chemicals in any of our products. Your health and the well-being of our environment is very important to us. That means we will do our very best to ensure that we always take these two things into consideration when creating and packaging our products.

HK + NP Studio

HK+NP Studio is a Vancouver based jewelry design studio, that utilizes techniques and forms derived from the architectural backgrounds of it’s partners.
The partners met in 2005 while apprenticing at the office of Nick Milkovich Architects Ltd with Arthur Erickson.
Hiroko Kobayashi was born in Japan and is a graduate of the architectural program at Nihon University in Tokyo, which she followed …with an apprenticeship in the office of Kengo Kuma Architects.
Neil Prakash was born in Canada and is a registered architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and a graduate of the architectural program at the University of Manitoba.
All of our products are designed in Canada, and produced in Japan.

Twenty One Tonnes

Twenty One Tonnes is a celebration of artisanal craft and global style. We’re drawn to objects that are at once ancient and modern, functional and aesthetic. Our simple collections reflect this, as well as a love of good design and of global style. We seek out talented artisans around the world, and work with them to create wonderfully unique home accessories. We strive to do trade in a way that supports tradition and sustainability, which means working with small scale artisans and family businesses to create quality hand made products with natural and recycled materials. Collections are therefore limited, and no two products are exactly alike.

Mellifera Bees

Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality.
Each jar contains unprocessed honey harvested from ethically managed stationary hives in backyards just like yours, in neighbourhoods not so far from where you live, across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
Suffused with a rich bouquet of aromatic flavours, the honey’s unique character is produced from the …wild wanderings of Mellifera’s bees and enhanced with a delicate blend of spices or fruit. Each ingredient is chosen for quality and freshness and sourced exclusively from small, independently owned British Columbia companies specializing in certified Organic, Fair Trade comestibles.


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