SS16 Inspiration-Comfort in the Not Knowing

Posted: Jun 08 2016

How does one find comfort in the not knowing?
We have a false sense of security and ownership. We take things for granted almost expecting that they will always be there until they are not. Then we feel a great injustice or unfair punishment has been given. 
It could all be taken away. We own nothing.
The point is not to live in fear but to live in gratitude. Never taking anything for granted. When it is gone, to still be grateful and adapt to change with ease and grace.
When we were creating this collection we were going through a lot of changes and facing a lot of unknowns. Moving our retail store and closing our garment factory. Now recovering from that and building a solid foundation for the business to grow. Personally, I was also going through a lot of change and facing many unknowns. What has helped me learn is to really connect with my true self. Making decisions that feel right and just do my best. That’s all we can do.



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